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    The Magnetic Workplace Content Hub

    All the resources related to Kyocera’s collaboration with Economist Impact at your disposal.
    The Magnetic Workplace Content Hub

    A period of great disruption, as illustrated by the “great resignation,” demands solutions that reflect the realities of today’s working world.

    To retain and attract the best professionals, organizations have had to become magnetic.

    A magnetic workplace is an environment where employees want to work. It’s a place where they feel challenged, fulfilled, rewarded, and represented.

    The attractiveness of a workplace is based on three pillars:

    • Productivity and infrastructure
    • Employee engagement
    • Culture

    Economist Impact’s Magnetic Workplace report, supported by Kyocera, is here to provide modern business leaders with the knowledge needed to unlock sustainable growth and drive employee retention.

    In the magnetic workplace content hub, we have brought together all the resources related to this era-defining report. From the showpiece report itself to blogs and case studies, you have a wealth of expert insights right at your fingertips!

    Discovering the Magnetic Workplace

    What is a magnetic workplace? How does it give organizations a competitive advantage? Let’s dive right in!

    The magnetic workplace report

    Download the report to learn:

    The Magnetic Workplace report delves into the concept of magnetism and why it matters. Featuring exclusive insights and predictions from senior executives across the globe, this comprehensive report serves as a roadmap for businesses seeking to leverage the benefits a magnetic workplace offers.

    The magnetic workplace report infographic

    Get the infographic

    To create a Magnetic Workplace, you not only need the right tools, but also the right information. Let our exclusive infographic – filled with expert insights – guide you on the path to workplace transformation.

    A magnetic workplace is underpinned by a robust information infrastructure. It’s why organizations are turning to partners with proven expertise in document solutions and cutting-edge technology.

    At Kyocera, we are passionate about helping our customers elevate their business to the next level. We help them work smarter and more efficiently while optimizing their investments.

    The following case studies illustrate the value of partnering with Kyocera and the power of people and technology working together.

    Seattle Children’s Hospital

    Seattle Children’s Hospital

    Providing outstanding patient care with Kyocera’s software.

    Strive for success with world-class talent

    Boost productivity and employee satisfaction by constructing the key pillars of a magnetic workplace:

    • Culture and values are key to magnetic workplaces

      Today’s professionals demand more than just a competitive salary.

    • The journey to becoming a Magnetic Workplace

      What is a magnetic workplace? How can your business become more attractive?

    • Sustainable success with people and technology

      Discover the policies that will be crucial to driving productivity and retaining talent.

    • How to increase your workplace magnetism

      When it comes to the magnetic workplace, there is no finish line.

    The above resources demonstrate the relationship between magnetic workplaces and the ability of an organization to attract and retain the best professionals, enhance company culture, and increase productivity.

    In the new age of work, the rules have changed. Kyocera is here to help your organization get ahead by creating new competitive advantages.

    Are you ready?

    Let’s get to work!

    Want to become a magnetic workplace?

    If you have any questions about magnetic workplaces or the report itself, our team of experts are on hand to help.

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