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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Kyocera products and services.
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Common questions and answers about Kyocera products and services

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How can I contact Technical Support?

Kyocera offers a toll free technical support line. By calling 1-800-255-6482 you can speak directly with a technical representative.

Where can I download Print Drivers?

Kyocera posts all currently available drivers/manuals/utilities on our website under the Download Center. Print Drivers are searchable by Model and Operating System.

Where do I find Operation Guides and other Manuals for MFP’s/Printers?

Kyocera posts all currently available drivers/manuals/utilities on our website under the Download Center.

How do I recycle toner containers?

With our ECO footPRINT™ Toner Recycling Program, you can place your empty Kyocera toner containers in an ECO footPRINT™ Toner Recycling box, and then send that box to a recycling facility, at no cost to you.

To get started with this program, you would need to contact your authorized dealer, and request a recycling box from them. When you receive the box, it will come with a pre-paid return label already affixed to it, and all you'll have to do is fill it with empty Kyocera toner containers, and then hand it to your UPS delivery personnel, or drop it off at a UPS location for pickup.

Where can I purchase Kyocera Products?

You can search by your zip code in our Dealer Locator to find a Kyocera Dealer near you.

How do I order parts?

If you are a dealer, a complete parts list can be found on My Kyocera. If you are not a dealer or are a dealer in need of assistance, parts related inquiries/warranties should be directed to the National Processing Center, using toll free 1-866-KYOCERA or via e-mail to

Where can I find information about product warranties?

You may obtain Warranty information by logging on to MyKyocera > Technical Support and clicking the Service Tools & Resources page.

Where can I find pricing information?

If you are not an authorized dealer or need assistance, you may contact Kyocera's Customer Service at 1-866-596-2372. You can also reach out to an authorized Kyocera dealer near you by searching with your zip code using our Dealer Locator. If you are an authorized dealer principal, you may use your dealer login to My Kyocera to access pricing information.

How do I return parts, equipment and supplies?

Please direct all Equipment/Parts/Supplies/RMA related inquiries to the National Processing Center directly using toll free 1-866-KYOCERA or via e-mail to

Where can I find Material Safety Data sheets documentation for Kyocera hardware products?

If you are not an authorized Kyocera Dealer, Kyocera sells supplies (toner) through a channel of authorized dealerships across the USA.

Your local authorized Kyocera dealership maintains on file the applicable Material Safety Data Sheets. However, these MSDS are indexed by model numbers. Please provide your local authorized Kyocera dealer with the model number for the MSDS you require.

If you are an authorized Kyocera Dealer, SDS/MSDS sheets are fully available on the download center in My Kyocera.

Where can I purchase supplies, parts, equipment and other accessories?

Kyocera sells/leases equipment, parts/supplies (including Toner), and provides servicing through local authorized Kyocera dealerships across the USA.

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