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Kyocera is number one in Peru

Kyocera’s printers have been ranked as industry-leading by the International Data Corporation.
Kyocera is number one in Peru

Today, more than ever, organizations need reliability. Whether they have embraced hybrid production models, are finding themselves confronted with bottlenecks on the production line or are facing unprecedented changes in their client base and turnover rates, they need to turn to stability. All of these challenges are present in the dynamic Latin American region.

Kyocera, guided by its philosophy of transparency and sustainability, has not only overcome these difficulties, but has also shared its trademark of innovative technology and reliability with thousands of companies in Peru. Comercial Denia, Peru’s exclusive dealer over the last 15 years, has also succeeded in establishing Kyocera’s printers as industry leaders.

This is reflected in the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker report, published in early November. The consulting firm’s findings are clear: KYOCERA held the number one spot in the Peruvian printing industry for three consecutive quarters, with a 39.70% market share in Q3 2022.

To put this into perspective, these results are 28.40% ahead of the country’s third largest competitor, and 18.50 points ahead of the second largest. The confidence that Peruvian companies have in Kyocera and Comercial Denia’s efficiency and quality guarantee is undeniable.

Market share: Top 5 by company in Q3 2022 (Units)

This lead is due to Color Laser and Monochrome Laser printers and multifunctionals: Color Laser 21-30 ppm, Color Laser 31-44 ppm, Color Laser 45-69 ppm, Monochrome Laser 45-69 ppm, Monochrome Laser 70-90 ppm. These figures reflect an upward trend for Kyocera in Peru.

Market share: Top 5 by company in Q3 2022 (Units)
Market share: Top 5 by company in Q3 2022 (Units)

Kyocera has distributed over 28,000 devices across the country."

Due to the trust they have fostered, Comercial Denia has installed over 28,000 devices in Peru, representing a historic year-on-year growth for Kyocera of 674.4%. If this success is separated from the market share, it still reflects a year-on-year progression of 609.4%. In both cases, Kyocera maintains a three-figure lead ahead of the competition.

Market share: Top 5 by company in Q3 2022 (Units)

The success of Comercial Denia, a company specializing in comprehensive document solutions that optimize business processes, has been vital in achieving this feat. This company has been the sole distributor of Kyocera multifunctionals, printers, and consumables since 2007.

Since then, over 28,000 printers belonging to the Kyocera fleet have been installed across the country. This is, undoubtedly, the result of the quality of the devices, plus the professional and technical service Kyocera consistently provides.

Óscar Sánchez, President and CEO of Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc.

In the current climate of uncertainty and digital transformation, businesses must offer top-of-the-range services if they seek to maintain and increase their clients’ confidence in them. To this end, Comercial Denia, a company committed to its customers and aligned with Kyocera’s professional standards, has endeavoured to improve its processes and the efficiency of its operations.

Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS), an advanced cloud-based monitoring tool that enables users to manage print fleets with the precision and agility that the industry demands, has been paramount in reaching this objective. KFS empowered Comercial Denia with the capacity for flexible integration and resources that enabled them to cut back on hundreds of technician’s visits and thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

The near-2,500 devices managed by Comercial Denia that were already equipped with KFS are now among the 500,000 devices that also use the software across the Americas. Kyocera Fleet Services supports both monochrome and color printers with the same objective; to streamline workflows, reduce downtime, and provide automatic firmware updates.

As a result of Kyocera Fleet Services and its industry-leading position alongside Kyocera hardware, Comercial Denia has successfully broken into the main printing market segments in recent years.

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