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Cloud Printing Hub

Cloud print solutions are becoming essential tools to modern businesses—here’s why.
Cloud Printing Hub

Welcome to Cloud Print solutions

The business world is evolving. Professionals desire greater mobility, while leaders look to tighten security and boost productivity.

Thus, it’s vital to invest in a tool that can be used on the go and boost performance while keeping security tight. Introducing cloud printing, the holistic software that acts as a middleman between the online sphere and printers or MFPs which helps users handle data securely, print from anywhere, and get documents in order.

The benefits of using cloud printers, platforms and apps are numerous. We’re sure you have many questions such as what is cloud printing? How does cloud printing work? How to print from the cloud? Or perhaps you want to learn more about cloud printing set up. Don’t worry – we’re here to answer all your questions and show you how the cloud printing can change your institution now.

Advantages of using the Cloud!

Three-fold security

In the modern era, compliance and governance of data are pressing topics for business leaders. But they can relax, safe in the knowledge that cloud print solutions take control. The platforms store data in a way that complies with the latest requirements from agencies across industries, from marketing to education.

Yet, cloud printing services takes care of more than just data governance—hackers are stopped in their tracks. The modern professional works in restaurants, in cafés, or, even, on public transport. Nevertheless, this freedom can come at a cost. The impact caused by a severe security breach is more than just financial damage—it tarnishes an institution’s reputation. Those who work in industries such as healthcare or finance realize the need for a tool that controls access to files and manages data. Cloud print services only allow those granted access to print, share, or view confidential data.

Controlling the output of documents is a great way to keep valuable information safe. It avoids the unnecessary loss or theft of physical documents. By using cloud printing software and apps, professionals can securely release their documents on any supported printer or MFP.

Take performance to new heights

With users safe in the knowledge their technology allows them to work securely and whenever they need it, their productivity will skyrocket. The Economist reaffirms this. The Reshaping Productivity report interviewed business leaders across multiple sectors and companies to discover the latest working trends. In their findings, they detail that security and productivity went hand in hand. The better the defense, the greater the performance.

Furthermore, cloud printing solutions are intuitive. Professionals can quickly get to grips with the technology, reaping the rewards from the get-go. Moreover, once set up, users do not need to maintain the server, with some cloud platforms going a step further to ensure minimal downtime. Users can monitor their cloud printers using the secure server, analyzing their fleet’s performance in real-time to ensure that their device works when they need it to.

Finally, leaders can maximize their potential when cloud printing. The smart software can manage workflows. It helps users prioritize their print queue and controls what prints and when.

Alternatives to Google cloud print

Alternatives to Google cloud print

Google Cloud print is no more… But don’t worry – Kyocera is here to introduce you to the best cloud printing alternatives!

Don’t just take our word for it!

Don’t just take our word for it!

Our cloud printing solutions make a real difference in the workplace, and our customers agree! Learn more about how our products changed businesses in education, healthcare, and manufacturing.


In a nutshell, minimal maintenance, tight security, and the opportunity to boost productivity, the financial benefit of investing in a cloud printing solution is clear. Those who have already invested in a reliable, intuitive platform are reaping the rewards, but it’s not too late for those who haven’t. Here’s your guide to beginning your cloud journey.

Your guide to choosing cloud printing

Your guide to choosing cloud printing

Now’s time to find a tool that’s perfect for your business. Every sector and institution is unique, so why settle for a one-fits-all platform? At Kyocera, we understand that every company and workforce has special requirements and goals. So, we design our cloud printing solutions to help a variety of businesses.

Get to know your new Cloud print software!

We have the technology you need to leverage the outstanding benefits of Cloud printing software.

  • MyQ

    An intuitive interface can personalize documents and control access to the printer with user identification.

  • Kyocera Net Manager

    Print files securely from any device, even cellphones, and manage when you print your documents.

  • Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan

    Professionals can begin solving their security and performance issues from the get-go.

  • Kyocera Fleet Services

    Experts remotely monitor your device to ensure they are always ready for action, reducing downtime.

Cloud printing setup

When you choose Kyocera, you choose intuitive and user-friendly solutions – which equals to a quick and simple setup process.

A wide range of our printers are already cloud print ready from the get-go with Kyocera Fleet Services, Kyocera Net Manager and Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan already installed. This is the case for our MFPs such as the TASKalfa 2554ci or the ECOSYS M8124cidn, to name but a few device examples. This means that the only thing that you need to do is download the cloud print app on your phone or login online to the software using your credentials and you’re ready to use Kyocera’s cloud print solutions.

Even if you choose a solution without one of Kyocera’s cloud printing software already installed, the setup process is still very rapid as the software does not take long to download. Either way, you’ll be printing using the cloud from day 1.

Best cloud printers

Best cloud printers

Equip your office with Kyocera’s robust range of printers and MFPs that already come with cloud printing software installed.

Cloud Printing FAQ


  • Cloud Printing FAQ

What is a Cloud printing platform?

A Cloud printing platform is a software that facilitates a Cloud printer, enabling users to securely print from anywhere. 

Where can I find the perfect solution?

One of our dealers is always happy to solve your problems and talk you through your options. The good news is that we have numerous Partners located across the United States of America. You can find your local dealership here.

Can use I Kyocera software on my cellphone or tablet?

We realize that professionals require solutions that can be used on the move. Therefore, we design our technology to be used whenever you need it, regardless of if you are working on the bus or in the office.

Are Cloud printing platforms secure?

A Cloud printing solution is proven to enhance security. From user authentication to an encrypted centralized platform, a Cloud printer prevents prying eyes from seeing your valuable data.

When should I migrate to Cloud printing?

Before migration begins, it is important to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, business leaders can find a solution that solves their issues while bolstering other aspects of their business.

What are the advantages of Cloud print software?

The advantages of using Cloud print software are plentiful. Business leaders can optimize their workflows, meaning that the productivity of their team will skyrocket. Furthermore, performance is also improved as businesses can keep downtime to a minimum, by managing their fleet. Yet, it’s not just improved performance; a hallmark of Cloud print services is security. Workforces can control access to documents and save files securely in an encrypted platform. Finally, Cloud printing solutions unlock the true potential of hybrid working, allowing users to work on the go and complete tasks as and when they please.

Cloud solutions will change your business forever

Businesses are taking advantage of innovative tools built for the cloud to take their business to a new level.

  • What is the open-source cloud?

    Diving into solutions that help boost cloud adoption in the workplace with this simple yet innovative technology.

  • How cloud computing is transforming education

    In education, the ability to work from different locations is crucial. Student satisfaction and teacher happiness depends on it.

  • What is the future of content management?

    As content services and enterprise content management become the norm, Kyocera examines how the cloud plays a role in this technology.

How else can we help?

Our experts are on hand to help solve your problems.

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