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Streamlined logistics made simple

Automating processes helps reduce costs and improve both productivity and customer service.

By automating processes and reducing both manual tasks and huge volumes of paperwork, today's businesses are able to drastically increase efficiency and productivity when it comes to logistics, while improving the service to the end-customer.


Proactive servicing for increased uptime.


Documents can be quickly and securely shared to boost productivity.


Rapidly release customer invoices to avoid unnecessary bottlenecks.


With Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS) businesses enjoy complete control over their printing fleet. Remote service diagnostics help minimize the need to dispatch service technicians on-site. Because triage is done remotely, technicians are already aware of the parts needed prior to arrival.

This means that you can anticipate issues before they occur and reduce crucial downtime, allowing warehouses and distribution centers to keep working as much as possible, without any unexpected delays or issues which are crucial to delivery times.

Furthermore, Kyocera Fleet Services reports meter data for automated billing and toner level for auto-replenishment with no middleware required (data collection agent).

Scan & Store

DMConnect provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) making document content easy to search and edit while allowing users to leverage database connections with other internal systems (i.e. ERP database) for enhanced scanning.

This solution can deliver documents to local network folders, email, SharePoint and other Document Management Systems for quick and efficient document sharing. Output destinations and formats can also be predetermined to ensure consistent standards.

Documents in the logistics sector often include barcodes for high accuracy. DMConnect can read barcodes on documents then split, route, name and store using this content for automated batch processing of documents. For example, a delivery driver returns to the main office at end of day with a stack of signed delivery confirmations and DMConnect is able to automatically separate orders and stores files.

Logistics forms are also typically based on templates; for example, a delivery confirmation has the same layout each time just varied content within the layout. Utilizing Form Recognition, DMConnect can extract content to split, route, name and store documents. This is particularly useful when barcodes are not present on documents.


When it comes to invoicing, you need a fax solution that works for you. Kyocera users enjoy standard integrated device features and dedicated connectors for RightFax and XMedius platforms. This eliminates the necessity for telephone lines and fax boards while reducing the acquisition cost of equipment.

Moreover, users enjoy the benefit of avoiding the frustration of busy signals as well as reducing monthly phone line charge. With this fax solution the process for sending and receiving faxes doesn’t change, meaning you enjoy greater consistency in your processes.

Kyocera’s RightFax Connector allows users to send faxes through an OpenText® Fax Server (RightFax) directly from the operation panel of a HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFP.

Kyocera XMediusFAX Connector is an application designed to simplify document faxing, and scanning from a network connected Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFP to an XMediusFAX on-premise server.

Need more logistics advice?

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