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    Streamlined processes to drive productivity.
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    Connecting your information to streamline processes is crucial to the efficiency of any workplace.

    DMConnect allows you to achieve optimal productivity through a powerful and advanced capture, distribution, and workflow solution that’s easy-to-use. DMConnect can capture and process documents and information directly from a Kyocera MFP or various interactive digital sources. This helps companies better manage their document workflows while reducing unnecessary wastage, allowing you to focus on what's important.

    Flexible capture
    Flexible capture

    Scan information from both hard copy and digital documents.

    Digital transformation
    Digital transformation

    Move from manual paper processes to automated document workflows.

    Document adaptation
    Document adaptation

    Convert hard copy documents into editable digital files.

    Structured classification
    Structured classification

    Smart filing so you never misplace an important document.

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    Key Features

    DMConnect is empowered with the most innovative features to help you better manage your information while ensuring a more efficient, smarter workspace.
    MFP Capture
    It's never been easier to scan and index documents securely with a Kyocera MFP.
    Digital capture
    Scan documents and information from the DMConnect Portal, Email, Hot Folders, Windows Explorer, and mobile devices.
    Automatic indexing
    Advanced capture technology enables users to easily organize their data.
    Intelligent routing and processing
    Quickly and easily send your documents into an automated workflow and to the desired destination.
    Advanced OCR
    Users can quickly digitize hard copy documents.
    The DMConnect Portal
    Monitor and control documents and use real-time information to make informed business decisions.

    Create workflows with a user-friendly drag and drop style web interface in the DMConnect Design Studio.

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    Advanced capture makes the difference, be able to:

    • Capture and scan documents and information from various sources – both digital and MFPs.
    • Capture and extract the index data from documents and information.
    • Convert hardcopy documents into usable and editable digital information.

    Manual data entry is reduced which means greater efficiency and less human errors!


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    Let's take your workflow to the next level.

    We're here to help you cover all your document needs.

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