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Efficient legal departments for a professional service

By providing the tools and expertise Kyocera helps your business become more efficient.

Smart workflows for greater productivity

Traditionally renowned as a paper-heavy sector, there is huge potential for new growth when it comes to the digitalization of legal organizations. By examining the needs of your enterprise, Kyocera is able to identify suitable solutions for real business pains. Digitalizing vast amounts of legal documents and automating the processing of billing and document processes, legal firms are able to drastically boost efficiency while ensuring data security and client confidentiality.


Streamlined processes keep important legal documents safe.


Quickly scan and send contracts to boost productivity.


Choose destination folders at the MFP to keep legal documents secure.

Bates Stamping
Bates Stamping

Identify contracts and other documents with numbered images.


Kyocera's comprehensive approach means that, whether printing, scanning or sharing documents, your confidential data remains secure. The Print & Follow feature gives flexibility when it comes to choosing a printer to use while maintaining document security.

Moreover, guest users have the ability to print jobs without joining private company Wi-Fi or without the risk of someone inserting a potentially infected USB key into corporate PC or printer. In terms of authentication, MyQ requires users to log in using an ID-Card, PIN, or Windows Login, or using a combination such as an ID-Card and PIN before printing or scanning. This helps to ensure that only authorized users are accessing devices.

In the legal industry, there is no factor of greater importance than security. Confidential data and documentation can have life-changing consequences if hacked or lost. Ensuring that your network is secure is a top priority.

Document storage

To be able to collaborate and work together efficiently, teams need tools that work. ShareBase is an automated document sharing solution that allows users to scan documents and route them to a designated folder location and/or email recipient(s). 

Clients have a secure space to upload and exchange legal files without having to send via email and parties can collaborate in real time on files such as Excel spreadsheets. ShareBase also provides unlimited off-site, cloud storage for critical records and user subscriptions are issued by account administrators, ensuring the highest level of compliance and security.

You can also give access to only specified users and track who views or edits a file, or limit download rights, meaning that the risk of a document being unintentionally shared with the wrong audience is reduced significantly.

Man and woman looking at paperwork.

Extra security for the documents that matter most

In legal practices with huge volumes of paper documents, Bates Stamping applies sequential numbering to PDF documents, making the task of organizing and identifying documents seamless. With DMConnect, it is possible to generate Bates Stamps during the rendering of scans.

DMConnect allows firms to convert paper documents to Microsoft Word for easy editing. By giving your entire team access to this document editing tool, firms avoid the pains associated with software licence limitations.

With DMConnect users can browse, choose the destination folder and even name a document prior to scanning, eliminating the need to “finish scanning” when the user returns to their computer. Furthermore, by utilizing 1D and 2D barcodes, documents can be automatically indexed and stored and multi-step process can be automated with barcode recognition.

Whatever your doubt, Kyocera is here to help

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