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Managed Print Services in Healthcare

Freeing up time and resources to dedicate to those who matter most.
Managed Print Services in Healthcare

Healthcare is renowned as a paper-heavy sector weighed down by stacks of patient records, test results, invoices, and cumbersome workflow processes. This has only served to hinder rather than help medical professionals in their bid to reduce waiting lists.

The need for more agile and efficient healthcare has taken center stage in recent times, and to achieve these goals there must be an acceptance of the need to work with, rather than against, technology.

It is evidently clear that a “one size fits all approach” is outdated and no longer fit for purpose in the digital age. Healthcare institutions have an endless array of digital tools at their disposal, but this doesn’t necessarily make things easier.

A wave of new innovations continues to appear by the day and many business leaders are left scratching their heads when trying to choose the right solutions to target current business pains while also aligning with longer-term strategies.

The need for a digital transformation partner has never been greater – Managed Print Services (MPS) providers have answered the calling.

And Kyocera is leading the way.

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Managed Print Services: Driving more efficient healthcare

In recent years, healthcare organizations have struggled to strike the fine balance between the paper and digital worlds and cost control without affecting the quality of patient care.

Time details how administrative costs now make up about 34% of total health care expenditures in the United States – twice that of Canada.

In Managed Print Services there is, at last, an all-encompassing solution to address both physical and digital infrastructures. MPS providers analyze all parts of an organization and use quality, real-time data to make smart and informed strategic decisions. 
Here is how MPS helps you add instant value to your organization:

MPS assessment

An on-site fleet assessment is key to determining your current print environment capabilities and shortfalls. By examining workflows, document infrastructure and data security across all areas of your hospital or clinic, Kyocera can quickly identify key areas for cost reduction and process improvements and ways to build upon already existing strengths. Only by calculating the existing total cost of printing (including consumables and maintenance) is it possible to build an MPS strategy whereby clear, tangible benefits can be determined.

Data is power

No two hospitals or medical centers are the same, and a personalized approach which focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities of each institution is key to adding value. The implementation of a brand new, consolidated fleet of devices (which can include a blend of devices depending on the needs of a given department), for example, not only equips organizations with the latest and best technologies, but it also, in many instances, actually reduces the overall fleet volume. This means fewer printers, less toner, and – more importantly – reduced expenses.

Proactive maintenance

By using Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS), MPS providers can remotely monitor devices. This allows them to address potential issues before they become real, workflow-disrupting problems. Furthermore, KFS allows us to configure software updates for off-peak hours to ensure optimal data security without the frustrating downtime. Kyocera’s unbeatable support is always on hand when needed to provide expert advice and instant solutions to keep the wheels of the operation turning.

Agile institutions

Doctors, nurses and other professionals must be able to print, scan, fax and share documents quickly and securely while on the go. MPS is fundamental to such mobility. Applications such as Kyocera Mobile Print and KYOCERA Capture Manager facilitate seamless workflows and, in turn, help eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks. Kyocera is also well-equipped to leverage its vast experience in technology to assist hospitals with the pain-free roll-out of an electronic health record system if required.

Reduced waste

MPS reporting removes the guesswork when it comes to print volumes and avoids those unwanted nasty surprises when it comes to billing time. Beyond the benefit of paying one agreed fee, MPS gives you full visibility over your print fleet so you can ascertain, say, if certain members of staff are using color print which is completely unnecessary for their role. It also highlights printing devices which are under or over-used, so that you can take the necessary steps to improve the overall balance of operations.

MPS promotes an organizational culture based on efficiency and transparency.”

Apart from the tangible benefits, MPS promotes an organizational culture in hospitals and clinics based on efficiency, transparency and accountability. These are fundamental to sustainable success.

The need for hospitals and clinics to make their dollar go further is clear, and with Managed Print Services it’s possible to do so while, at the same time, working smarter and accelerating the digital transformation across all departments. This all adds up to huge benefits in the area where it matters most: the quality of patient care.

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