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Managed Print Services in Financial Services

Regain control over your print costs while adding value to your business.
Managed Print Services in Financial Services

Financial services is an industry in the midst of a period of great change. New technologies, changing customer habits and lifestyles, as well as fluctuating markets are posing banks, stock brokerages, hedge funds, and insurance companies brand-new headaches.

The volume of online banking has soared in recent times and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. HSBC cites research by RFi Group which claims that 71 per cent of consumers globally are now using digital banking channels weekly.

Meanwhile, paper volumes and footfall in bank branches and offices are dramatically down. Why, then, do organizations in this sector continue to leave money on the table when it comes to their print investment?

They must adjust, adapt, and reinvent their approach if they wish to become more robust and leaner enterprises. In the digital age adaptability and agility are king, and this demands the best tools across all aspects of the organization.

In Managed Print Services (MPS) these organizations have a ready-made solution.

Building core competencies

Transition is never easy – the path can often be full of bumps and twists and turns, but it can made easier. The transition to paperless offices and more efficient workflows is no different.

A more holistic approach is required to get departments and branches working as one. In the hybrid working age, document solutions extend way beyond prints and scans, and this is where Managed Print Solutions comes into its own.

Make the most of your printing investment

There are two fundamental components of optimizing document solutions expenditure: control and knowledge. Quality, real-time data helps CEOs and managers make accurate business decisions. With so many printing and mobile devices connecting to shared networks, today’s companies have lost significant control, not only over their devices but also in terms of running costs and the security of confidential data.

MPS fleet assessments are key to determining your current print environment capabilities and shortfalls. They examine workflows, document infrastructure and data security across all areas in order to identify pressure points and needless waste, as well as opportunities for real gains.

Request an assessment

Request an assessment

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Cut costs

Customer-centric MPS providers like Kyocera are on hand to offer customers the flexibility to choose the package that best meets their needs. This personalization allows you to only pay for what you use. With MPS there are no more nasty surprises when the bill arrives at the end of the month and costs become easier to control. Moreover, in many instances, we actually recommend a more compact fleet which translates into fewer printers, less toner, and reduced expenses. And, of course, the best technology!

Workflows that flow

With reduced on-site staff right across the country, financial services organizations need to work more efficiently than ever. They need the right tools to become more agile, so they can quickly adapt to changing customer needs and behaviors. Applications such as Kyocera Mobile Print and KYOCERA Capture Manager facilitate seamless workflows and, in turn, help eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks. The rise of online operations has drastically reduced paper volumes, but printing devices still constitute a hugely important tool of day-to-day operations. Given this, downtime continues to pose major headaches for branch managers. By using Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS), MPS providers can remotely monitor devices across all locations and tackle potential issues before they become a problem, thus keeping costly and frustrating downtime to a minimum.

In the digital age adaptability and agility are king.”

Your data under lock and key

With Managed Print Services, businesses can rest assured that their devices are always protected with the latest security updates. Moreover, with the possibility for MPS providers to carry out updates during off-peak hours, there is no disruption to operations. With the remote use of printing devices on the increase, banks need to ensure customer data and valuable documents such as statements, contracts and letters are protected against the increasing number of cyberthreats, and Managed Print Services offer priceless peace of mind.

This age of tremendous disruption will reward those who take a proactive approach to digital transformation, security and enterprise mobility. Attracting and retaining customers becomes significantly easier when strategies are built upon solid foundations because we are, after all, only as strong as our weakest link.

The need for a digital transformation partner has never been greater.

Kyocera has seized the moment and stepped up to lead the way in MPS.

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