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Managed Print Services for Schools

Optimize your printing investment and find new ways to work smarter.

The pressure on budgets is building and school districts continue to search for new ways to cut costs. Perhaps rightfully so, printing may find itself under the microscope.

Today’s decision makers must find the balance between optimization and efficiency when it comes to their printing, to ensure more resources are made available for top-quality education. This is particularly important given the requirement for K-12 schools to meet the Common Core State Standard Initiative.

Printing pains in today’s schools

Printing errors, paper jams and other device malfunctions have long been a source of frustration for IT staff and teachers alike.

Time spent sighing at the device is valuable time lost. Teachers are here to teach our children, not fix printers. Nonetheless, they often find themselves unable to print when needed, and this could result in coursework delays. IT staff spending hours on the line with service technicians means they are unable to dedicate more time to areas such as security and other value-adding activities.

It’s common for different departments and faculties to use printing devices from a variety of manufacturers. Purchasing decisions are often based on price and this leads to device inconsistency. While costs may be reduced in the short-term, managing multi-brand fleets – which each require specific service and supplies – can prove to be more expensive in the long-run.

This lack of consistency gives rise to unpredictability – the worst enemy of those tasked with finalizing budgets. Ordinarily, the concepts of cost cuts and quality increases would not necessarily go hand in hand – that was until Managed Print Services (MPS) arrived on the scene.

Complexity made simple

The beauty of MPS lies in its simplicity: A fully-integrated program that helps organizations optimize their printing needs by simplifying device and supplies management, and technical support (both via phone and in person service). The “one-stop shop” solution transforms entire printing infrastructures, standardizing devices and streamlining workflows.

MPS assessments provide an in-depth examination of your office or school environment and printing infrastructure, quickly pinpointing inefficiencies and areas for improvement. MPS provides real-time analytics about printing volumes per classroom or department, the amount of color being used, as well as identifying devices which are being overworked or underused.

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This data helps school administrations make accurate business decisions, especially when it comes to spending and budgets. With MPS it is also possible to set departmental budgets to allow schools to regain full control over expensive color printing.

With standardized devices, the benefits quickly become apparent: more efficient printers lead to reduced energy costs, while paper waste is reduced as users release only the print jobs they need. On-demand toner delivery, automated meter readings and standardized billing gives MPS users much more control over their overall costs.

Furthermore, with MPS, technical support is made easy; problems are addressed quickly with dedicated service centers. With Kyocera, we do not wait until there is a problem; a proactive approach to device management means that we are able to identify and address potential issues before they happen, thus drastically reducing downtime and IT service calls.

MPS is a complete solution that drives digital transformation."

Your solution for sustainable success.

Apart from the tangible benefits, MPS promotes an organizational culture within schools based on efficiency, transparency, and accountability. This helps create the framework for more mobile and robust organizations.

Mobile printing and digital document workflows are increasingly becoming an integral part of how schools operate. By offering streamlined processes, mobile printing and document sharing, as well as scalability, MPS will play a huge role in this regard.

Today’s schools are looking to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and MPS will prove to be an integral part of green strategy endeavors. The ability to measure and control energy and paper usage enables schools to identify ways to become more sustainable. Also, Kyocera’s Toner Take-Back Service allows schools to return their toners to our recycling partner, thus further boosting the eco-credentials of school districts.

The greater efficiency when it comes to printing, scanning, faxing and document sharing offered by MPS not only reduces Total Cost Ownership (TCO), it also allows schools to work smarter. Teachers can dedicate their time to educating the leaders of tomorrow and IT staff have more time for value-adding work.

MPS is much more than a quick fix to spiraling costs – it’s a complete solution that drives digital transformation. MPS helps schools turn the challenges presented by the digital era into new opportunities for growth.

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