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Digital solutions for smarter healthcare

Digital tools make for more agile healthcare organizations and improved all-round services.

Kyocera provides comprehensive solutions for healthcare institutions. Whether it's secure printing or digitalized workflows, Kyocera helps create agile healthcare institutions. We provide the best software solutions that allow medical professionals and administrative staff to securely share content with internal and external stakeholders. Hospitals can also enjoy the benefits of software which monitors printing fleets that help anticipate potential issues so that the need to dispatch service technicians on-site is eliminated.

Compliance & Security
Compliance & Security

Protect your devices to ensure data remains safe.

Faxing & Printing
Faxing & Printing

Quick and secure faxing for greater efficiency.

Scanning & storing
Scanning & storing

Boost productivity while reducing the time spent searching for files.

Mobility & Service
Mobility & Service

Flexible working made simple.

Compliance & Security Solutions

With its Print&Follow job release function, MyQ print jobs remain secure until released by the owner to make sure that all printing and digital operations are compliant with HIPAA.

Swipe Authentication is already common in hospitals when it comes to physical area access and Kyocera helps leverage existing investment in proximity technology to enable quick access to device rather than the need for PINs.

The MyQ iOS and Android app gives mobile users the ability to securely print and release jobs from those devices while organizations are able to control output of jobs by using rules-based printing. It is also possible to control functions at the device, e.g. restrict access to fax or scan functions.

MyQ also provides extensive audit reports to help compliance officers for track all print and device transactions and ensure that all operations are compliant with HIPAA.

Scan & Store

Software solutions such as DMConnect and ShareBase help transform how you collaborate and share information and documents. 

Barcodes are highly accurate and are therefore very common in the medical arena. By utilizing 1D and 2D barcodes, DMConnect is able to automatically index and store documents. Form Recognition allows hospital staff to automatically extract data from medical files for routing, naming and storing. Furthermore, DMConnect enables users to query databases for data validation prior to scanning and processing documents. To boost efficiency, workflow scanning facilitates consistently repeatable processes no matter who performs the scan.

With ShareBase, clients have a secure space to upload and exchange medical records without having to send via email or fax. This solution also provides unlimited off-site, cloud storage for critical records, while user subscriptions are issued by account admin to ensure the highest level of compliance and security.

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Secure printing & authentication

MyQ requires users to log in using an ID-Card, PIN, or Windows Login, or using a combination such as an ID-Card and PIN if required. This means only authorized users can click and collect their documents so that confidential patient information remains secure. 

Female doctor looking at laptop

DMConnect - Professional workflows at your fingerprints

DMConnect delivers flexible document capture that offers scalability, configuration flexibility, and the ease of use necessary to implement everything from simple, to more complex, workflows. By converting physical invoices and patient medical records, healthcare organizations enjoy vastly superior productivity.

Faxing & Printing

Rapidly release patient reports and invoices to avoid unnecessary backlogs. By reducing the dependence on physical postage, turnaround time for responses and payments increases significantly.

Kyocera users enjoy standard integrated device features and dedicated connectors for XMedius, AccuSender Fax, RightFax. This eliminates the necessity for analogue telephone lines and fax boards while reducing the acquisition cost of equipment.

Moreover, users enjoy the benefit of avoiding the frustration of busy signals as well as eliminating monthly phone line charge. With this fax solution the process for sending and receiving faxes doesn’t change, meaning you enjoy greater consistency in your processes. This makes invoicing easier, particularly when contacting insurance organizations.

Mobility & service

By enabling doctors and medical professionals to print on the go from their smart devices, both productivity and efficiency increases. Through reducing dependence on physical documents by being able to print on the move, rather than having to print off all files they may need that day, doctors are able to use their time for more valuable work.

This makes for a more dynamic atmosphere, with staff able to react more quickly to emergency situations or new arrivals. Medical staff are rarely based in one area all day, and when they are on the go, it's only right that their printing needs are too.

Another real benefit of Kyocera Fleet Services lies in that hospitals and medical centers are able to monitor printing performance in real-time so they can foresee and address potential issues and reduce downtime.

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