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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for digital transformation

How to accelerate digitalization using enterprise content management.
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for digital transformation

Today’s businesses are turning to enterprise content management (ECM) to tackle data pile-up and information chaos. With hybrid working and increased digitalization across the board, document management has become more difficult and content sprawl more commonplace.

Now, as the volume of data continues to grow, professionals find themselves spending too much time searching for invoices and contracts, and organizations fear the risk of new security threats. Enterprise content management is ready to rise up to the challenges posed by remote working and new forms of collaboration.

What is enterprise content management?

Enterprise content management is a platform that helps digitize, organize, and store information in one place securely, making content accessible to those who need it regardless of where they work.

How does ECM work?

The functionality of enterprise content management software is based on a secure and centralized digital repository that allows businesses to process, sort, store, and save documents in a consistent and streamlined manner.

Here we explain why ECM can be simple when we break it down into three basic elements: current needs, technology solutions, and benefits optimization.

How ECM works for your business

With enterprise content management, physical and digital information suddenly begin to work together.

Documents such as spreadsheets and contracts can generally be found in an instant thanks to simplified tag and search functions. In terms of data security, permission capabilities ensure that only authorized parties can access specific archives and documents.

And these are just a few ECM benefits. Let's take a look in closer detail at the advantages of an enterprise content management platform.

Boosted productivity
Boosted productivity

Digitally capture documents and find the file you need instantly.

Secure documents
Secure documents

Manage user access rights and keep track of your information.

Seamless hybrid working
Seamless hybrid working

Access your work documents from any location, using any device.

Reduce operating costs
Reduce operating costs

Save money by going digital and streamlining your business processes.

Frequently asked questions

Find your answers below!

  • Frequently asked questions

Is enterprise content management user-friendly?

Modern ECM solutions on the market come with a logical and intuitive design, meaning that usually, employees require very little training.

How long does it take to set up an enterprise content management system?

ECM configuration time depends on your provider, but with Kyocera businesses get solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows.

Can ECM improve customer satisfaction?

When resolving customer issues, customer service representatives need access to the right information at the right time. Enterprise content management solutions help users locate files instantly; therefore, it enables employees to help customers more quickly and efficiently.

What areas of business can benefit from ECM?

Any business area that uses data and information! Examples of departments that could benefit from enterprise content management solutions include human resources and accounts payable.

What is the best enterprise content management solution?

There is no one size fits all solution. The best ECM solution is the one that ticks the boxes on your checklist. Your trusted solutions provider will help guide your decision.

Which ECM solution is right for me?

There are both on-premise and cloud-based enterprise content management solutions on the market available from different vendors. Your ideal ECM solution should address your business challenges and pain points. It should also come from a trusted provider.

Is ECM expensive?

There are many different types of ECM ranging from entry-level document management solutions to advanced solutions without any limitations. Whether you’re an SMB or enterprise level business, you will be able to find a solution that matches your needs and budget.

Why do businesses need enterprise content management?

With the number of work locations and content types (physical and digital contracts, invoices, delivery notes and so on) increasing, content sprawl has become a major concern for business leaders. Not only does it impact productivity for areas such as human resources, but it also increases risk around data protection. Today’s organizations can no longer afford to treat structured data and unstructured data separately if they wish to drive productivity – consistency and control are key. And this is where enterprise content management software comes into its own.

Furthermore, enterprise content management makes life much easier for businesses like banks and accountancy firms when it comes to audit time because departments know exactly where to find a given invoice or other relevant documentation – no more panic searches for documents in physical folders and personal and shared folders on your PC! ECM means an easy life.

Is ECM right for my industry?

Check out our series of informative articles about ECM and how it can transform different industries.

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    It is time to adapt your educational institution for the digital age.

  • The best ECM for your healthcare facility.

    Tighten security when working remotely and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Why ECM is a must-have for financial businesses.

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  • The benefits of ECM for hybrid work.

    Control your content and drive collaboration.

  • Why your law firm needs ECM solutions.

    Swap paper-heavy processes for agile workflows.

Ready to learn more about ECM with Kyocera?

Get in touch with our experts to begin your digital transformation today!

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