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Thriving in the digital age

Kyocera’s new website was designed with digital transformation, and your needs, in mind.

You may have noticed something's changed.

After months of hard work behind the scenes, in October 2020 we launched our new website. The result is right here in front of you: Kyocera Document Solutions America’s new online presence. This new site is one of our many movements toward our digital transformation process. 

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State of the art technology

The website has been built and maintained using Adobe Experience Manager, an industry-leading Web Content Management System - a refelection of our ambitious determination to position ourselves at the forefront of our industry. This adaptable technology allows us to provide a smooth and simple experience for all, across all devices. 

It allows us to utilize innovative features that create a more dynamic, eye-catching and user friendly website. We want this website to foster a useful and engaging experience, and that can only be achieved with the right technology to make it happen.

With this platform, we'll be able to provide more engaging, relevant and educational content. By taking a close look at important web analytics, we'll be able to analyze the pages and content that are working well so we can provide you, our user, with even better content in the future. We can also personalize your user journey, suggesting more recommended content which matches your needs and interests. 

Everything you need in one place

We give you the resources you require to help boost your business.

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    Personalized experience

    Enjoy exclusive content from our industry experts.

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    Professional insights

    Enjoy exclusive content from our industry experts.

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    Never miss a beat

    Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the industry.

What’s included?

When constructing our site map, wes greatly focused on how we could bring greater value to you, as a user of our website. The first thing that sprung to mind was to take advantage of the existing experience and expertise that we have within our team. Across the board, we have dedicated professionals with decades of experience in their fields. They each have stories to tell and their expertise is invaluable. 

Insights Hub
A range of blogs and whitepapers to stay up to date in our industry.
Download Center
All the resources you need to boost your company with our solutions.

Helping dealers and employees to do what they do best.

Business Challenges

Learn how our solutions can help your specific department or industry.

That’s why we’ve created our Insights Hub, including a Smarter Workspaces blog area. Here, we’ll be keeping you up to date on the latest news from Kyocera, but also across our industry. We will continue to regularly publish new articles on the latest trends and hot topics, such as mobility, security and innovation, in order to keep you informed with the kind of expertise that only Kyocera can offer.

We’ve also revamped our Download Center. A frequently-used tool by everyone, from employees to end-users, it provides a unique area to find all product documentation. It’s the home for technical data for all our solutions, both hardware and software. This also provides the perfect complement for our freshly designed product pages, which include the most important data for you to look into what we can offer.

For dealer partners and other stakeholders, the most important change lies in MyKyocera. This has seen the creation of our new portal for gated access. This gives dealers the chance to access all of the information they need, from product information to branding materials, in one simple central hub. 

Good things come to those who wait

Our brand-new website has been designed to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to elevate your business to the next level.

What does it mean for the future?

Like all modern organizations, Kyocera is in the middle of a digital transformation. The launch of our new website is a major milestone in this process. Not only has it been one of our top priorities, but it also gives us a platform that we will rely on in order to achieve other ambitions and goals in the months and years ahead.

The project, and specifically the technology we are using, gives us the opportunity to provide a more personalized service to all of our stakeholders. While MyKyocera provides a unique access portal for our employees and dealer partners, with time we will work to ensure that every visitor receives a personalized experience with Kyocera.

With this technology giving us the foundations and the brickwork of great content from our teams of experts, we have built ourselves a home for our digital communications through our website. Now, the challenge will come in taking our online presence to an even higher level and continuing our digital transformation in the pursuit of further success.

We are here to help

Our team of experts are always on hand to assist in any way possible.

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