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    Square 9

    Documents in, knowledge out.

    Digitalize your business with technology that helps you thrive in today's changing landscapes.

    At Kyocera, we help people make better decisions in less time. We believe it’s the secret to unlocking the full potential of any organization. That’s why we work alongside leading technology partners like Square 9 Softworks, who help us to combine their innovation with our expertise to drive the efficiency and productivity of your business by digitizing the way you work.

    Square 9 provides a scalable solution which can adapt to businesses of all sizes. Whether your business is small, medium, large or growing at lightning speed, Square 9 can provide the right solution for your team to keep your documentation and information under control and take advantage of what that brings to your organization.

    With Square 9’s complete platform of document management software solutions, you can capture, extract and classify that information, transforming it into usable intelligence that lets you work smarter, faster, and be more productive no matter your location – in the office or working remotely. And unlike other enterprise solutions, Square 9 is ever evolving, reliable, and scalable to meet your specific needs and grow with you as your business strives to make a difference in people’s lives.


    Work easily with high volumes of documents.

    Cost reduction
    Cost reduction

    Spend less time and resources on document processes.


    Minimize risk and establish information governance.


    Go digital and swiftly respond to changing needs.


    Features and Benefits

    Improve the efficiency and productivity of your business by digitizing your operations.
    Centralized digital storage

    Index or "tag" documents and information to locate them easily and quickly respond to customer inquiries.

    Streamlined workflows

    Eliminate inefficient manual processes and improve your customer experience.  

    Enhanced security

    Monitor activity in real-time, from anywhere, and protect your documents from unauthorized access.

    All-in-one digital transformation suites

    Pre-designed, application specific solutions built to shorten delivery times and increase efficiency.

    Easily integrated

    Built to work with most business applications, office equipment, and third-party software.

    Scalable platform

    Scale back or expand your service as needed with no interruptions to your day to day operations.

    Overall product rating 5 stars

    Award-winning software

    Square 9 Softworks integrates with your existing applications and has consistently received 5-star, platinum ratings from Keypoint Intelligence’s Buyers Laboratory International for 12 years in a row, and also received BLI’s Pick and Outstanding Achievement award in 2020.

    Square 9 Software Suite

    Digital transformation specific to you.

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      Automotive Essentials

      Solutions that focus on the most common pain points for car dealerships, helping them to efficiently manage customer deal jackets and repair orders with easy search options.

      Automotive Essentials
      Automotive Essentials

      Car dealerships can efficiently manage customer deal jackets and repair orders.

    • Teacher with student

      Education Essentials

      K-12 specific solutions ease headaches around keeping student records by tagging documents and indexing them according to your needs, meaning that data is more secure and accessible.

      Education Essentials
      Education Essentials

      K-12 specific solutions to help for student records and special education records.

    • Woman with mask typing

      Return to Work Essentials

      Solutions that can ease the return to the office, to help you maintain content flow securely, and integrate software solutions into your established infrastructure.

      Return to Work Essentials
      Return to Work Essentials

      Make the return to the office easier with specialized solutions.


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