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How much does managed print services cost?

Make your printing costs lower by using MPS to optimize how you print in your organization.

When a person is faced with an alternative solution, the first two questions that come to mind are: 1. How is this going to make my life better? and 2. How much is it going to cost me?

Managed Print Services (MPS) is no different.

The cost of MPS depends on several factors. The initial MPS Assessment is a crucial step to providing this information. The provider’s on-site visual walk-through serves as a valuable opportunity to gather enough information on the office print environment where the MPS system is going to be implemented, as well as to assess the ways in which workflows can be streamlined. All businesses are different, and each has its own set of needs that make them unique.

When it comes to MPS, costs depend on the following:

Mono printers vs Color printers

Devices that operate with color have higher maintenance costs. Color printers/copiers use 4-color cartridges – cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), monochrome printers operate only with black.

Degree of service

Although regular maintenance and dedicated service are part of an MPS agreement, if a client wishes to have an even more customized service, such as an on-site technician or more on-demand maintenance, costs will increase.

In general, print costs also include several important pieces such as management costs, actual supply and print costs, device maintenance and hardware and software expenses.

All businesses are different with its own set of needs that make them unique.

The MPS Assessment, as indicated, is key in that it helps the client and the provider get a thorough idea of what the current situation is in the print environment. This helps accurately identify next steps.

MPS assessments can generally be divided into two blocks:

Device check-up

  • The location of the printers throughout the office – how close (or how far) are they to the most frequent users
  • Which printers receive the most or the least use – this helps determine where the most on-demand printers are located
  • How old the current printers are – the older the devices are, the more expensive the costs could be, as maintaining these devices can be more costly (replacement parts may also be more limited)
  • The types of printers the company currently uses – the type of printer and its quality will play a significant role in terms of how the whole infrastructure will function

Usage examination

The second block focuses on employee print behavior, examining things such as:

  • Estimated vs actual quantity of printing
  • Number of employees that have access to printers
  • How is usage data currently recorded (if it is recorded)

The key to coming up with the best possible assessment – beyond the technical infrastructure of the print environment – is by fully understanding how staff go about their day-to-day business in the print environment and what can be done to streamline processes, increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing downtime, energy costs, and reducing the impact on the carbon footprint.

Considering the previous points, there is no such thing as a direct answer to the “How much does Managed Print Services cost?” question; it depends largely on how you use it and what needs you have before starting with an MPS provider.

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Managed Print Services: A necessity for your workspace

Managed Print Services can be molded to suit all businesses, and the cost of MPS involves factors ranging from the types of cartridges needed for each device to how old the devices are, or how “premium” we want the program to be.

That’s why the only way of approaching the implementation of MPS is by thinking of it in terms of a short to mid-term investment. Not only will MPS help us work smarter and deal with our devices in a more streamlined manner; it will consequently enable us to be more productive and efficient, while encouraging us to be more respectful towards the environment. Bringing efficiency, productivity and sustainability together speaks volumes about how far we’ve come in the digital era in terms of leveraging the best that technology has to offer to our advantage.  

MPS is the epitome of technology used intelligently and responsibly and, considering that we spend such a large portion of our day at work, it’s not only a necessary investment for a more competitive performance of our businesses; it is also a social and corporate responsibility for a greener, more sustainable future.

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