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The reasons why small businesses choose ECOSYS

Choosing the correct copier is vital to success. Discover the benefits of this office must-have.
The reasons why small businesses choose ECOSYS

The Best Color Copier Machine for Small Business is ECOSYS

To celebrate 50 years in partnership with American businesses, we examine why so many businesses in the United States opt for our ECOSYS technology.

In recent decades, copiers or multi-function printers (MFP) have established themselves as a vital cog in offices. The versatility offered by these products was impossible to ignore.

The correct copier for your business is not an expense, but an investment. Combining the best people with the best technology can help small businesses save money and boost productivity. Thus, leaders are proactively searching for adequate technology to set their business up to thrive going forward.

Modern copiers continue to harness the very best of modern innovation to provide an outstanding service, while many also come with benefits in the area of energy consumption and sustainability. It is essential, therefore, that decision makers compare models before purchasing an MFP for their small business.

The first factor leaders must consider is size. Space is vital; an overcrowded office gives off a chaotic feel which can, in turn, affect performance. Thus, space capacity is crucial when drawing up a shortlist of potential printing devices.

Secondly, businesses must examine when and how they use their devices. For example, a marketing business requires an MFP that offers high quality as well as personalization capabilities. On the other hand, the needs of the education sector differ; teachers generally tend to require high volumes in an instant. Leaders must think if they print mainly using A3 or A4 and whether copying, scanning, printing, or faxing is the most important function to their small business (SMB).

Finally, businesses must choose inkjet or laser-based toner. Inkjet is proving to be particularly popular in the production printing space where print providers demand high volume, quality, and flexibility. However, in small businesses, laser printers using toner cartridges provide the flexible and affordable solutions that leaders have been looking for. As a less expensive option, a laser-based toner can give businesses great bang for their buck.

An MFP has numerous traits that can be beneficial to small businesses.

  • Flexibility: Multi-function devices have an inherent versatility, allowing organizations to switch between print, scan and fax jobs.
  • Reliability: Kyocera copiers and MFPs include long-life parts which are built to last the test of time.
  • Security: Kyocera devices are complemented with outstanding software solutions that ensure the safety and integrity of your data.
  • Speed: Modern MFP can print documents at a breathtaking pace for new levels of productivity.
  • Sustainability: Kyocera’s ECOSYS devices are the perfect choice for businesses seeking to become more sustainable without sacrificing productivity or quality.

Printing devices can be a substantial investment; hence it is vital to have a manufacturer you can trust. At Kyocera, we listen to our customers. Kyocera boasts a versatile line-up of A3 and A4 MFPs and copiers. Our devices meet the demands of today while also helping to future-proof your growing business.

The Best Color Copier Machine for Small Business

ECOSYS: Where sustainability meets success

Since 1992, we have been finding innovative ways to help SMBs grow to the next level. Our flagship ECOSYS series provides cost-effective and sustainable solutions and has long been a favorite among American businesses across the decades.

We compared our fleet to give you the rundown of affordable solutions. The ECOSYS M2040dn represents tremendous value for money and comes with the following specifications:

  • Speed: Ability to print at 42 ppm.
  • Resolution: The device personalizes documents at up to 1200 dpi.
  • Paper size: A4, A5, and A6.
  • Capacity (sheets): 250 pages.

The ECOSYS M2040dn has a proven track record in terms of reliability, incredible speeds, and low costs per print, making it the perfect fit for the most demanding of SMB workgroups.

The copier is one of the most affordable models in our ECOSYS fleet, but an inexpensive machine does not equate to mediocre quality, especially when it comes to an award-winning manufacturer. At the 2022 edition of The Cannata Report’s Frank Awards, dealers named Kyocera the Best A4 manufacturer for the fifth consecutive year which is a testament to the outstanding consistency right across our A4 offering.

As a machine built with ambitious smaller businesses in mind, the ECOSYS fleet has incredible flexibility. The device can print via cellphone, wireless using a secure network, and with a USB. Thanks to our mobile app, Kyocera Mobile Print, users can now print quickly and securely on the go. This not only creates more mobile enterprises, but it also gives employees greater freedom and flexibility when it comes to work. In the digital era, this can only be a good thing.

The adaptability of the devices means organizations can start the day printing and finish the day scanning. The machines meet the needs of various businesses across all sectors. In legal institutions, for example, there is a necessity to print contracts, sign and quickly scan them back to the original sender. These MFPs allow you to jump between jobs in a flash for maximum versatility and without the stress or the need for multiple devices. This not only helps save money on electricity costs, but it also saves valuable time.

Moreover, performance can skyrocket thanks to outstanding reliability. Kyocera designs devices that are reliable and durable. The series debuted in 1992; after decades of research, our products are becoming even more dependable. However, we refuse to rest on our laurels. As well as being a reliable device, the value-adding Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS) complements the ECOSYS M2040dn and all other Kyocera devices. This innovative technology allows your supplier to keep control and protect your printer. Suppliers monitor real-time data to solve issues before they have become real problems, thus keeping downtime to a minimum.

“ECOSYS proves that reliability is priceless.

1973-2023: We continue to aim high.

Reliability and sustainability go hand in hand. Products that constantly need new parts are harmful to our environment. For that very reason, Kyocera is proud to count upon long-life parts and machines that have fewer moving parts than our competitors. By downsizing the number of components, we can reduce the device's carbon footprint, meaning that your business can do its part while enjoying benefits such as increased uptime and productivity.

The ECOSYS series is undoubtedly a frontrunner in the A4 printer market and continues to be a huge hit among SMBs across all sectors. 
However, we also equip you for the future. The ECOSYS series and the M2040dn provide options to expand their paper capacity and increase RAM and memory. The ECOSYS is a worthy addition to any small business and will help to improve the organization's performance.

Do not get left behind

When choosing a copier, small businesses must consider their options carefully. At Kyocera, our customers are at the heart of our innovation. Business leaders can choose from an array of options from an award-winning manufacturer to find a device suitable for their office and workforce.

Managers are realizing the need for flexible solutions when facing such great uncertainty. Copiers or MFP are the future for small businesses thanks to the value for money and the flexibility they offer.

Both devices provide business with various solutions to help them overcome a changing business landscape. In order to succeed, leaders must decide what machine will help them both today and tomorrow. 

Want to learn more?

Our team of experts is always happy to answer any questions you may have about our exceptional ECOSYS range of A4 printers.

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