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    Merrimak Capital Equipment Leasing & Resale

    Kyocera’s expertise in ICT Managed Services created streamlined systems and sustainable success.
    Merrimak Capital Equipment Leasing & Resale

    The Background

    Merrimak Capital, based in Novato, California, hosted 52 employees using five on-premise servers with more than 5TB of data, leveraging an in-house IT department supported by the Kyocera ICT Managed Services Team. The headquarters was moving to Utah and employees were now going to span multiple states. The organization was faced with the challenge of providing high-performance, secure access to required applications and data and accommodating office-based workers as well as remote and mobile workers, all while conserving capital and ensuring scalability for anticipated growth and expansion.

    The Solution

    Combining cloud servers, an updated infrastructure for their new physical location and cloud desktop services, Kyocera delivered a solution that accommodates their storage, security, and access to systems requirements and ensures that all of their local and remote users have a fully functional, high-performance experience. Merrimak workers are now able to securely access their individually configured cloud desktop from anywhere, using virtually any Internet-enabled device, with full access to their applications, data, and network resources.

    Delivering the lowest cost for equipment use, Merrimak puts customers first.”

    Mary Kariotis, CEO at Merrimak

    The Results

    This streamlined approach yielded numerous instant benefits that are positively impacting all aspects of the business.

    The huge capital costs of buying hardware and software were reduced.


    Resources can be accessed in minutes, typically within a few clicks.


    Required resources can be increased or decreased depending upon business requirements.


    Backup and recovery of data are less expensive and very fast for business continuity.


    Increased speed and scalability allow the IT team to be more productive and focus on new goals.


    Data security is strengthened thanks to a broad set of policies, technologies and controls.

    Continued Benefit

    With employee productivity no longer reliant upon a traditional on-premise network that limits workers to a single geography, Merrimak is positioned for growth and expansion, fully embracing the new “anywhere” workforce.

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