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Accelerating accounts with inkjet printing at JHL Digital Direct

Kyocera’s TASKalfa Pro 15000c enables a direct mail outlet to expand its custom-job niche.
Accelerating accounts with inkjet printing at JHL Digital Direct

The background

JHL Digital Direct began as a small Wisconsin lettershop in 1985. More than 35 years later, they are one of the leading direct mail, print and production providers in the Midwest. As the mail and print industries have evolved, JHL Digital Direct has honed its capabilities to specialize in personalized variable pieces. “JHL Digital Direct is in the sheet-fed target arena,” says President John Leek. “Our volume is typically between 5,000-250,000 pieces. That’s our sweet spot.”

The challenge

John had a clear vision for how a new inkjet device would complement the JHL Digital Direct fleet. “We were looking for a machine that would excel with lower coverage pieces,” he says. “We’re very focused on getting the right pieces on the right machine here at JHL. We’ve worked hard to educate customers on when we should get projects on a sheet-fed inkjet because it’s in their best interest.”  However, finding an affordable sheet-fed inkjet device proved difficult at first. “For a while, great things were happening in the roll-fed inkjet print environment, but the sheet-fed developments were weak at best,” John explains. “When the TASKalfa Pro 15000c entered the market, things changed. Suddenly you had an affordable device that came with Kyocera’s reputation for reliable products.” 

The solution

After meticulous research, John chose the TASKalfa Pro 15000c for its impressive speed and compelling price point. “The reason is best reflected in the simple adage: ‘faster, better, cheaper,’” he says. The device also had the capacity to print both shells and variable data simultaneously, eliminating the need to pre-print offset shells. Additionally, its ability to use both vector data or raster data would allow customers to design pieces with personalized texts and targeted color images, making it easy to market effectively in one pass. “It’s a much more cost-effective solution for the direct mail niche where there’s a shell and black variable,” John says. “You can also add signatures in varying colors onto a letter or invitation." Combine these capabilities with the affordable price tag and there’s little else to say.” With the help of Rhyme Business Products, a local Kyocera dealer, the machine was installed in the JHL print shop and began making good on its promises.

We’re seeing savings anywhere between 30%-50% over what we would normally run.”

The Benefits


Kyocera’s inkjet device prints up to 1 million pages per month to the highest quality.


Easy variable data handling for high-quality, personalized output.

Media flexibility

Media flexibility allows businesses to jump quickly and seamlessly between job types.


Few moving parts not only ensures easy maintenance but also maximum uptime.


The intuitive touch-panel interface eliminates any operating stress at the printer.


Outstanding energy efficiency allows you to drive productivity while reducing your energy usage.

The results

Since installation, Kyocera’s inkjet device has been an asset to JHL Digital Direct on multiple fronts. “Having the inkjet system in-house has given us the flexibility to make sure that the right workflow gets on the right machine,” says John. “We’re seeing substantial savings, anywhere between 30%-50% over what we would normally run.” The variety of jobs run on the machine are making full use of its VDP capabilities. “We’re running a lot of membership development pieces through it right now. Letters, invitations, all of which utilize heavily integrated variable data and complex variable data workflows,” he says. “The device is handling these jobs with ease and we’re not seeing any degradation in machine performance.”

Continued benefit

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c is also opening doors to new business. “It’s been very effective in the political fundraising industry,” says John. “It’s a new area for us and we’re in a better position to excel there with this machine.”  For JHL Digital Direct, the device is proving to be just the right machine for the job.  “The quality is always there,” concludes John. “It’s an excellent fit for the market. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the direct mail industry looking for a reliable sheet-fed device.”

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