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Setting your IT infrastructure up for hybrid workplace success

The race is on to establish efficient, secure hybrid working models.
Setting your IT infrastructure up for hybrid workplace success

As many organizations adopt hybrid working models, companies that are managing complex in-house technology infrastructure may face challenges supporting and delivering solutions in a rapidly changing work environment, especially with the shift to remote work.

This shift requires organizations to put strain on their pre-existing IT infrastructure to enable their remote teams to collaborate and communicate. It doesn't come without challenges and there are many ways to optimize and enhance your IT infrastructure to support a hybrid working model.

In this piece, we aim to help you understand how to set up your business’ IT infrastructure for hybrid workplace success.

Work out what is and isn’t working

The first step towards getting your infrastructure sorted is to look at where you are right now. The best way to do this is with an audit of your current systems.

Often growth or transformation can expose your organization to security breaches, especially with the recent deployment of remote workers. As you establish your hybrid work environment, the security risks will be greater as employees rely on virtual workflows, networks and collaboration tools to achieve their goals.

An audit can identify any potential risks, as well as breakdowns in workflow, costs and document management.

A new era of work. A new workplace to match.

A new era of work. A new workplace to match.

By using the right expertise and technology, these hybrid workplaces provide organizations with the resilience and scalability they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The five S’s of Managed Print Services

Running inefficient machines alongside poor processes can be dire moves for companies who haven’t got a reliable managed print service (MPS) in place with their provider. A good MPS provider will improve scalability, savings, security, sustainability and service.

  • Scalability: Make sure there is a network in place to properly support rapid growth of a hybrid workforce, where security and quality control are not compromised should your organization grow overnight or shift rapidly to a fully remote model.
  • Savings: Like a well-oiled machine, the more efficient your document workflow and MPS is, the healthier your bottom line will be. Implementing efficient systems saves money. Do you know the real costs associated with running your IT equipment?
  • Sustainability: Whether you’re a socially conscious company or not, running more efficient and sustainable systems and infrastructure has the added bonus of being better for our environment, as well as the bottom line. This comes mainly through sophistication and technologies that support energy consumption and recyclables.
  • Service: A renowned provider who can ensure a reliable MPS is integral to ensuring you get the service you need to work with you as you expand and adopt new ways of working.
  • Security: Protecting data is paramount and a good MPS solution can not only identify security risks, but it can also enhance security to ensure your data and information is protected as your business grows.

Smarter Workplaces Guide

Create a productive hybrid work environment that is secure and resilient.

  • Choose the best MFPs for your hybrid workplace

    An MFP is a compact an efficient solution and choosing well makes hybrid working easier than ever.

  • Bring people & technology together for success

    Workplaces are transforming faster than ever. Find the solution that lets your business flourish.

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