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    Become a Kyocera Partner!

    Our Partnership Program provides a scalable platform to achieve growth through collaboration.
    Become a Kyocera Partner!

    Success driven by partnership

    As a Kyocera partner, you will have access to our Partnership Program that was designed to help our dealer partners grow and develop with Kyocera. This program empowers and rewards our partners focused on selling Kyocera products and solutions from our wide-ranging portfolio. By offering over 20 benefits, Kyocera’s Partnership Program is tailored to support each partner type in the most effective way possible.

    Based on a tiered approach, Kyocera’s Partnership Program provides an array of programs and resources that assist our partners to achieve mutual success through providing flexibility in the benefits we offer to adapt to their unique go-to-market strategy.

    Why should I become a Kyocera partner?

    Kyocera is the ideal partner to work alongside, thanks to our strong experience and wide-ranging portfolio.

    • Our Human Touch

      Our Human Touch

      At Kyocera we have over 1,400 employees in the US across eight different locations to give customers and partners a human touch.

    • Wide-ranging Product Portfolio

      Wide-ranging Product Portfolio

      From printers to software or IT Solutions, we have a variety of products on offer to provide you with the solution you need.

    • Award Winning Line-up

      Award Winning Line-up

      We've received several recent BLI Pick Awards including Summer 2019 awards and three Winter 2020 awards for the reliability and performance.

    • Part of Kyocera Corporation

      Part of Kyocera Corporation

      Kyocera is globally recognized within the industry, thanks to our long-standing history and commitment to excellence.

    • Dedication to Sustainability

      Dedication to Sustainability

      We take pride in our commitment to the environment, from long-life components in our products to recyclable friendly products and programs.

    • Daring Ambition to Innovate

      Daring Ambition to Innovate

      We invest in technological development. The number of patents acquired in the last four years has exceeded more than 2,000 per year.

    For each of the four tiers of Partnership, there are specific requirements and benefits outlined. This means that the program is scalable, ready to adapt and offer more to your company as you grow. This helps us to provide a mutual incentive to achieve success together.

    Among the benefits available are fundamental support packages, such as the Marketing Development Fund, which contributes towards marketing campaigns for Kyocera or Copystar products, or The Learning Center, a crucial tool to teach sales and technical staff all about Kyocera’s portfolio. MyRewards also offers further incentives for individual representatives, earning real compensation of their sales achievements.


    Earn real compensation for each sale.

    The Learning Center
    The Learning Center

    Learn more about Kyocera products.

    Marketing Development Fund
    Marketing Development Fund

    Receive support from Kyocera for campaigns.

    OMC Shop
    OMC Shop

    Access marketing materials directly.

    Brand Hub
    Brand Hub

    Understand our brand and learn how to use it.

    What’s even more important than these benefits is the support that you will get from our dedicated team. We have a team of channel experts who work day-in, day-out with our network of dealers across the country. With local expertise and a real understanding of their region, they are professionals who know what it takes to succeed.

    As a Kyocera Partner, you will have access to a team of at least four experts, specializing in different areas from pre-sales or installation support right through to guidance on how to develop your business.

    • Business Solutions Consultant: For pre-sales and implementation support.
    • Solutions Sales Instructor: To train your sales reps on Kyocera and Copystar products.
    • System Support Engineer: For on-site repairs, training or large installs.
    • Area Sales Manager: Your closest contact, guiding you to growth.
    At Kyocera, we believe in collaboration, which is why our team are determined to help you to succeed. By working together, we can achieve more and grow to new heights, achieving synergies and developing a new relationship which is beneficial not just for us, but also for the clients who we help to optimize their document solutions.
    Join our network of Kyocera partners today in order to see just how far you can go while in partnership with us. It’s the next step to business success!
    We’re ready to help you succeed

    We’re ready to help you succeed

    This program is a platform for success, for both our dealer partners and Kyocera. As our philosophy says, “By working hard for our colleagues, trusting each other and forming close working relationships, we can build an unbeatable work group.”

    Together we can work to mutually grow our operations.

    Looking for something else?

    Our team of experts are always on hand to assist in any way possible.

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