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50 years in proud partnership with American businesses

An open letter from Oscar Sanchez.
50 years in proud partnership with American businesses

Leading an organization, one of the questions that is sometimes asked of me is “what makes you proud of the company you lead?” Working for Kyocera, I’m pleased to say that I have several answers I can give. But this year, I have a special answer which reflects not only our ongoing projects, or our recent success, but a long-standing and firm commitment to make our home a better place by working alongside our partners.

That is why this is a very special moment for Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc. as an organization. For Kyocera, 2023 marks 50 years in proud partnership with American businesses. A lot can happen in five decades. And at Kyocera, a lot has happened.

Our company originally started out on American soil in 1973 under the Mita brand. This was a bold and ambitious move because, at the time, it was a Japanese manufacturer deciding to bring their technology and innovation to a new and culturally very different region – the biggest and most demanding market in the world.

50 years later, it fills me with immense pride to be able to write this letter on behalf of Kyocera Document Solutions America, an organization that has evolved and innovated and raised its fighting spirit to get where it is today: a global leader in document solutions, providing a wide range of office technology, diverse software solutions, commercial printing technology, and ICT.

During this period the organization marked multiple milestones such as the transition from Mita Copystar America to Kyocera, the development of sustainable products like the ECOSYS range, and the acceleration of its digital transformation through strategic acquisitions such as Databank. This journey gives us the confidence to continue being a trusted partner for businesses in this country.

A lot can happen in five decades. And at Kyocera, a lot has happened.”

Quite simply, Kyocera’s story in the United States would be impossible to tell without the people who have accompanied us on this journey. When our team first set foot on American soil with a dream to make a success of the company in one of the most daring and challenging markets in the world, they could only have dreamt about having a team like we have today. Over the years, we have had thousands of employees forming part of this journey, and are proud to call them part of the Kyocera family. I personally know of a few employees who have been with us for more than 40 years, and I have heard their stories of how this organization has changed over that time period.

Beyond the limits of our own team, we have achieved this historic landmark by building proud partnerships with American businesses, including our customers and dealerships, partners who have been, and continue to be, by our side along the way. Our partners are a hugely important part of the Kyocera family – they embody the Kyocera spirit; they represent our values as we work together to build strong relationships with clients to put knowledge to work. For this, I wish to personally thank our dealer community, for being outstanding Kyocera brand ambassadors and always aiming high.

Across the last 50 years, we have served and worked with some of the most innovative and ambitious businesses in the United States. We have created partnerships that have endured decades. We have challenged ourselves to keep reaching new levels of excellence together. The mutual trust that exists between Kyocera and American businesses has been hard-earned – it cannot be bought.

At Kyocera, our proud history inspires our future, but we know that past results are no guarantee of future success. As our Founder, Dr. Kazuo Inamori, once said, “the only way to ensure a brilliant future for our company is to work as hard as possible in our assigned roles - and perform our tasks in the best way possible."

Together with our partners, we will remain true to this philosophy while strengthening our commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency – this has been and will remain our primary competitive advantage.

For these reasons, I am extremely excited and optimistic about the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as we work to achieve many more years in proud partnership with American businesses.

Kind regards,

Oscar Sanchez
President & CEO

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